Following ten parts, the most important and advanced topics in electronics, have been used in class – rooms and presented in conferences last twenty- five years – now with the aid of internet we are glad to offer them on line for broader sector of our community as a service on public domain.

Collection is highly diversified, so please review the parts’ title, then open the file of your interests.

Please, also check the appendices which has interesting sections such as Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Short Wave Broad Casting, and a comprehensive section of Chronicle of Electro-Physics Discoveries and Inventions in….

Please also note that the contents are well displayed on a large screen monitor, mobile or even tablet may not.

Looking forward for your suggestions, comments, any thing what so ever!

Thank you

Houshang Javan, D. Sc., P.E.

Former Associate Prof

University of Memphis and North Carolina A&T State University

U.S.A.—–[email protected]


Haidar Chamas, Ph.D.

Former, New York State University, New Paltz

Verizon Communication

U.S.A.—–[email protected]

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